International Conference on Satanic Ritual Abuse

International Conference on Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Sponsors Film Maker Tom Dunn and Author Russ Dizdar and

With Sherry Clausen sra counselor investigator. Author Dr. G Reid will speak. A former survivor of satanic abduction and abuse name/TBA......and Jered Christmen from through the black and a special guest from the UK Wilfred Wong. And occult satanic crimes 30+ years Detective (on screen) ...much more. DON'T MISS THIS CONFERENCE


  • Russ will give a major update (presentation) to his book THE BLACK AWAKENING: Rise of the satanic super soldier and the coming chaos.
  • Wilfred Wong from England will speak on his 25 plus years dealing with pedo and satanic ritual abuse
  • Doug Hagmann will speak on the reality of satanic crime's and how to approach ...investigate it.
  • Tom Dunn from Through the Black will speak on Satanic Ritual abuse .... did you see his first film DETESTIBLE?
  • and more speakers, video and resources

A one of a kind Conference that focus's on the reality of SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE SRA DID. This conference will focus on the origins, extent and will reveal the 'real reason for SRA and its end time agenda. This Conference will involve a broader look at SRA and those who are behind it.

Where does it come from
Who is behind this
What is the process
What is the purpose
How do you know if you are SRA

This conference will not focus on the healing-deliverance topic but will touch on it and point to helping healing ministry content.

There will be testimony from vicitms, counslors and those who have been involved in investigating the agenda of SRA.

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